Lean Supply Chain

Barriers to LEAN Supply Chain Implementation are the least understood and poorest managed area, yet you need to have a clear understanding of what is standing in your ways and what to do about them. NMT can help you identify forces favoring implementation, and potent forces opposing implementation:

Typical Forces "for" and "Against" Implementation Lean SC
Global competitors Lacking Urgency
Program Roadmaps Employee & Management Churning
Stability, Jobs Accounting Traditions
Visionary Leaders Natural Resistance

Recognize implications and risks form failing to address barriers. Failure to understand and properly navigate through the change management is one of top three reasons for LEAN implementation.

NMT will lead you to take a deeper look at the convergence of Lean Six Sigma and Supply Chain Management. Phased approaches is one of several convergence models in major change initiative with key considerations in forming a guiding coalition, learning skills, building baselines, vision/Strategy and risk management, as well as Develop & Implement. This is a living breathing dynamic model with feedback loops.